Donald John Trump has lost his bid for reelection and now he wanders from room to room pondering his fate. His team files meaningless suits to try and change the results. Nothing is working. The team efforts are futile. The work to fight the pandemic and salvage the economy is neglected. What could he do?
He could sit in the oval office and refuse to leave like a bratty kid. Could men in uniform carry him out of the Whitehouse? Maybe under dark of night.
He could attempt a military coup. He has experimented with activating (uninvited, unwelcome) the National Guard, and has talked of bringing home 2500 battle ready troops. He has millions in the NRA militia, some of whom would follow him. Our Constitution would be stomped into the mud. Trump seems to admire the political system of Putin, Xi, and Kim where he could be president for as many terms as he wanted. Where he could make his own rules and laws.
He could try to bribe or coerce some poll workers to change the election results so that he would win. That one is currently in the works. He is currently exploring the idea of pardoning himself and his family from current misdeeds and crimes yet to be committed. If he has done nothing wrong, why does he need a pardon?
I am not a slave of any political party. My political decisions are based on what I believe to be fair to all, one person – one vote, no bias. Based on the constitution with all people participating. Not always agreeing but willing to work for compromise.
Some points to consider:
Trump personally owes half a billion dollars. As long as he is President, he is protected from his creditors.
He also has some legal charges or civil suits against him from which his office protects him. Motivation to stay in office?
Other nations look to us for leadership and support. Is the lack of moral truth the image we want the rest of the world to see and believe for the United States of America?
Our common enemy now and for months to come is the Coronavirus. If we control or limit this disease, the economy will follow.
Trump hopes one of his suits will get his question of the election before the Supreme Court where his three appointees owe him a vote in his favor.

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