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Poor Choices

O, let America be America again –

The land that never has been yet –

And yet must be—          Langston Hughes


Children are foolish


to be born of parents

with no parenting skills


or the temerity

to be sick or malnourished


or to have nothing

and come to a land of plenty


or commit the crime

of darker skin, different tongue


as a nation proclaiming God

and rejecting His will


can we provide

for the least of these?


“I’ll be everywhere…. Wherever they’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there.” John Steinbeck,  The Grapes of Wrath


each new day kills plans

to earn his way,

in all this land there is no place to go


his daughter wears

a tearful, crooked smile

her hunger a spear run through his soul


his promises come flat

and meaningless

his shame floods every corner of each breath


until he hops a freight

and goes away

to try and send a dime to take his place

King Rick

Say Rick, old partner, old hoss
it’s about time
for you to pack up your bags
and ride on out of Austin

I grew up thinkin’ I had the smarts
to decide a few things for myself
Maybe others feel the same way

Maybe folks with darker skins want
to vote and have it count
Maybe some women
don’t want you running their lives

You got your tail in a bit of a crack
when you tangled with Wendy Davis
fussed at her like your wayward kid sister
when you didn’t get your way
She put on her runnin’ shoes
and stood up for us commoners

The third point I want to make is ….
well hold on to your britches while I think of it—
I guarantee it’s important
just skipped my mind

For Gabriell

For Gabrielle
a madman
left a silver trail through your brain
mandating you give up your life

stubborn you stood against
the gun that does not kill
refused to go

you battle through each day
wet with frustration’s tears
cheers for each small victory

Now you fight a new battle

you stand with raised fist
whisper your battle cry


and I
stand with you

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