That Morning


That Morning

Early on that Sunday Morning

As grey dawn broke in the east,

Came the angels to the garden

Where the Lord did rest in peace,

Put their shoulders to the stone

That nestled to protect Him there.

Removed the cloth from off His face,

Stroked his cheek and smoothed his hair.

“‘Tis time, my Lord, to wake yourself.

God sends His love, calls you to be

Sitting at His right-hand side

To dwell there for eternity.”

On Jesus’ face, the sweetest smile

Appeared, to light his countenance,

With mem’ry of His purpose there:

To bring salvation’s covenant.

The glory of that Easter morn

Lies in the emptiness they found:

An empty tomb, a folded shroud,

As souls, emptied of sin, abound!

Hal C Clark – April 2010

On Easter morning in our church, we read that Mary Magdalene and the other Mary and Salome went to Jesus’ tomb at sunrise to care for His body. When they arrived, the tomb was empty. It made me wonder what might have happened earlier that morning. The idea for this poem came to me and I wrote it out in less than an hour.

I had never thought about the sweetness of that event, but I love the idea of a time shared between Jesus and the angels at the instant of his awakening. The idea is strictly from my own imagination, but it is the way I see it. A glorious Easter to all!

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